12 June 2013

Found My Old Y2K Pamphlet - SERE Pack System

 Imagine my surprise to find an old pamphlet I wrote and self-published just before Y2K!! (Still looking for the plans for the Chuck Boxes, they are around here somewhere.....I will find them yet.) So, anyway, I figured some of you may get a kick out the old pamphlet, so I scanned it and posted it. I have the original file on an old laptop, but the .pfs file is unlikely to convert to the images I scanned.

For those with no idea on where to start with a bugout bag system this gear list does provide a starting point. Those old pro's out there, you can post your edits or suggestion, if you wish. The pack pictured I made back in 1996 for some friends in the military. Back when I was first making packs, as a serious hobby.

As always, keep your gear ready!!


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