14 March 2013

Gerber Prodigy - More Pic's

 Here we are with the Gerber Prodigy, again.

Since last post I have made and added a second leg strap. So, far it seems to work well. 

My next challenge will be to make an extension to anchor the sheath to my waist belt and use the leg straps.

Looks like I will get a chance to use the Prodigy in the field this weekend. So, I will try to update this post late next week.

Until next time......keep your friends close and your enemies closer!!



Better late than never. Thanks for the patience.

Well, I did get to use the Prodigy a little bit. Much to my surprise the serrated blade was able to feather a fire stick, without a problem. So, my opinion of the Prodigy for a general camp knife or survival knife has increased. Good work Gerber.

I was not in an area that would allow me to hack my way through the sapplings, but I did take out a few branches. Compared to my Glock M78 Field Knife, the Prodigy was heavy enough for slashing but I found the blade a little short, to be a natural cut for me. My Glock M78 which has a longer blade seems to work more naturally for me. Of course, more time in the bush with the Prodigy may get me tuned in to the knife.

I do not have any regrets. The Prodigy is a solid knife and so is the sheath system. If you are in the market for a new blade, I still do not have a problem recommending the Gerber Prodigy.

Until next time.....get out into the field and test your gear.


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