25 August 2012

Can Quads be BOV's

Polaris RzR

Can quads, specifically, side-by-side ATV's be a Bugout Vehicle (BOV)?

I found this picture on the internet a few years back and I like what I see. Low centre of gravity. Robust suspension. And a reasonable sized engine. I believe this older RzR has a 600 or 650cc engine. 

In my opinion, you need to think in layers when it comes to Bugouts and Bugout Vehicles. If you have a F-350 Super-duty pulling a toyhauler trailer with a Polaris RzR inside and maybe a couple mountain bikes, too. Why would you want to leave your ATV at home?? You wouldn't. Take everything you can when you have to evacuate, as long as you can be on the road in minutes. Time matters. Pre-pack. Pre-load. Pre-position.

Of course, camo graphics or paint job go a long way to helping your quad blend in.

I will try to get more posts up in the next few days.


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