26 July 2012

What I Have Seen On My Summer Roadtrip

Wow, what a roadtrip. All the way to Newfoundland!!

The first picture is a Mitsubushi Fuso?? 4x4 Camper RV unit I saw in the parking lot at L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland. I thought it was a Unimog conversion at first. Notice the normal "C" Class motorhome parked next to it. Half the ground clearance and at least a foot taller.

The second picture is a cabin tent we saw tonight at a campground near Drummondville, QC. The tents are built by "Les Toiles Cabanon" from France.

I believe these two items would be good items to research for a personal BOV and first shelter at a BOL.

Well time is short and sleep is needed.

Keep your gear dry and ready,