30 May 2012

The G.O.O.D. Plan (Get Out Of Dodge) Part 3

Here we go with Part 3.



To assist you in making your plan i am going to compile a list of books, websites and movies. Most of the books I have read or at least had a flip through once. The websites are ones I tried while writing this manuscript, as time goes on their URL's may change. The movies are there so you can watch specific skills or challenges encounter by others, so you can learn to adapt your skills to overcome such challenges.

Survival Books:

  • basic wilderness survival – cold lacking snow by Mors Kochanski (1999). isbn 1-894453-00-x. Karamat wilderness ways. Www.karamat.com
  • complete survival manual by Michael S. Sweeney (2008). ISBN 978-1-4262-0429-6. National Geographic society. Www.nationalgeographic.com/books
  • Outdoor safety and survival for the Provincial Emergency Program (1981). Isbn 0-7719-8132-5. Province of British Columbia. Www.pep.bc.ca
  • SAS Survival Guide by John Wiseman (2004). ISBN 0-00-718330-5. Harper Collins Publisher. Www.collins.co.uk
  • SAS Survival Hanbook – new edition by John “Lofty” Wiseman (2006). ISBN 978-0-00-715899-7. Harper Collins Publisher. Www.collins.co.uk
  • Scouting for Boys – the Original 1908 edition by Robert Baden-Powell (2005). ISBN 978-0-19-280246-0. Oxford University Press. Www.oup.co.uk
  • Survival – fm 21-76 department of the army field manual. (Oct 1970). Headquarter, Department of the army. Available through Paladin Press. Www.paladin-press.com
  • Survival Kit Ideas by Mors Kochanski (2000). ISBN 1-894453-26-3. Karamat Wilderness Ways. Www.karamat.com
  • The SAS Urban Survival Handbook by John “Lofty” Wiseman (1996). ISBN 0-00-255803-3. Harper Collins Publisher. Www.collins.co.uk

  • The boys' book of survival – how to survive anything, anywhere by Guy Campbell (2009). ISBN 10-0-545-14590-2. Scholastic inc. Www.scholastic.ca
  • The two kilogram survival kit field manual by Mors Kochanski (2000). ISBN 1-894453-24-7. Karamat wilderness ways. Www.karamat.com
  • The U.S. Armed Forces Survival Manual edited by John Boswell (1980). ISBN 0812908899. Times Books. Www.us.macmillan.com/times.aspx
  • The Worst-case Scenario – Survival Handbook by Joshua Piven & David Borgenicht (1999). ISBN 0-8118-2555-8. Chronicle Books. Www.chroniclebooks.com
  • The worst-case scenario – survival handbook: travel by Joshua Piven & David Borgenicht (2001). ISBN 0-8118-3131-0. Chronicle Books LLC. Www.chroniclebooks.com
  • Tools of Survival and Survival Training by Mors Kochanski (1999). ISBN 1-894453-04-2. Karamat Wilderness Ways. Www.karamat.com
Just arrived:
  • Crisis Preparedness Handbook by Jack A. Spigarelli (2002). ISBN 0-936348-07-0. Cross-Current Publishing. Www.cross-current.com
  • Emergency – This book will save your life by Neil Strauss (2009). Harper Collins Publisher. Www.harpercollins.com
  • How to Survive the end of the world as we know it – tactics, techniques and technologies for uncertain times by James Wesley Rawles (2009). ISBN 978-0-452-29583-4. Penguin Group (USA) inc. Www.penguin.com
  • Long-term Survival in the coming Dark Age – Preparing to live after society crumbles by James Ballou (2007). ISBN 978-1-58160-575-4. Paladin Press. Www.paladin-press.com


Emergency Preparedness Books:

  • Emergency Planning Handbook by The A.S.I.S. Standing Committee on Disaster Management (1994). ISBN 0-7872-1399-3. American Society for Industrial Security. Www.asisonline.org
  • It's A Disaster! ...and what are you gonna do about it? By Bill & Janet Liebsch (2001). ISBN 1-930131-01-1. Fedhealth. Www.fedhealth.net

Military Books:

  • Ranger Handbook – sh 21-76 by United States Army (1992). isbn 978-1-58160-568-6. Paladin Press. Www.paladin-press.com
  • The Art of War by Sun Tzu: Translation by Ralph D Sawyer (1994). isbn 1-56619-297-8. Barnes & Noble Inc. Www.barnesandnoble.com
  • The evolution of weapons and warfare by Colonel T.N. DuPuy, U.S. Army, Retired (1980). ISBN 0-672-52050-8. The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc.

Camping Skills Books:

  • Be expert with Map and Compass – the “orienteering” handbook by Bjorn Kjellstrom (1955). Published by American Orienteering Service. La Porte, Indiana. Available in the latest edition ISBN 978-0020292654 at www.amazon.com
  • Camping & Wilderness Survival – The Ultimate Outdoors Book by Paul Tawrell (1996). ISBN 1-896713-00-9. Distributed by Gordon Soules Book Publishing Ltd. Www.gordonsoules.com
  • Map Use by Mors Kochanski (1999). ISBN 1-894453-02-6. Karamat Wilderness Ways. Www.karamat.com
  • Map Reading and Land Navigation – FM 21-26 by Department of the Army. Available from www.opsgear.com


  • Mountaineering:the freedom of the hills (5th edition) by the mountaineers (1992). ISBN 0-89886-309-0. The Mountaineers. Www.mountaineersbooks.org Current edition available at www.amazon.ca
  • Wilderness Basics – The complete handbook for hikers & backpackers (2nd Edition) by the Mountaineers (1992). ISBN 0-89886-348-1. The Mountaineers. Www.mountaineersbooks.org

Back to Basics Books:

  • Back to basics – A complete guide to traditional skills (3rd Edition) edited by Abigail R. Gehring (2008). ISBN 978-1-60239-233-5. Skyhorse Publishing. Www.skyhorsepublishing.com
  • Barn Plans & Outbuildings – Originally Printed in 1889 (Classic Reprint Series) by Byron D. Halstead (1999). ISBN 0-921335-64-4. Algrove Publishing. Available at www.leevalley.com
  • Homesteading edited by Abigail R Gehring (2009). ISBN 978-1-60239-747-7. Skyhorse Publishing. Www.skyhorsepublishing.com
  • Shelters, Shacks & Shanties – Originally Printed in 1914 (Classic Reprint Series) by D.C. Beard (2000). ISBN 1-894572-00-9. Algrove Publishing. Available at www.leevalley.com
  • The Art of Blacksmithing (3rd Edition) by Alex W. Bealer (1984). ISBN 0-06-015225-7. Harper & Row. Current edition available at www.amazon.com

Search & Rescue Books:

  • Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue (2nd Editon) by Andy Selters (2003). ISBN 0-89886-658-8. The Mountaineers. Www.mountaineersbooks.org
  • Knots for Climbers by Craig Luebben (1993). ISBN 0-934641-58-7. Chockstone Press Inc. Current edition at Falcon Publishing www.globepequot.com


  • Ropework (4th Impression) Translation by Tim Carruthers. Edelrid. Www.edelrid.de
  • Search & Rescue Fundamentals – basic skills and knowledge to perform wilderness, inland, search and rescue (3rd edition) By Donald C. Cooper, Patrick “Rick” LaValla, and Robert “Skip” Stoffel (1996). ISBN 0-913724-37-8. Emergency Response Institute Publications. Www.ericanada.com
  • Tracking: A Blueprint for learning How (7th Edition) by Jack Kearney (1999). ISBN 0965888118. Pathways Press. Available at www.nasar.org

First Aid & Medical Books:

  • Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rocky Mountains and Neighbouring Territories by Terry Willard Ph.D. (1994). ISBN 0-9691727-0-5. Wild Rose College of Natural Healing Ltd. Www.wrc.net
  • Funk & Wagnalls Family Medical Guide (1993). ISBN 0-8343-0092-3. Funk & Wagnalls Corporation.
  • First Aid & CPR Manual – Canadian Red Cross (2006). ISBN 978-1-58480-349-2. The Canadian Red Cross Society. Www.redcross.ca
  • Medicine for Mountaineering & other wilderness activities edited by James A. Wilkerson, M.D. (1992). ISBN 0-89886-331-7. The Mountaineers. Www.mountaineersbooks.org
  • US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook – ST 31-91B by the United States Army (1982). ISBN 0806523972 (Current Edition 2002). Citadel Press. Available at www.amazon.com(current edition) or www.opsgear.com (1982 edition)


  • The Last Canadian by William C. Heine (1981). ISBN 0-7701-0210-7. Paperjacks. Also Published as The Last American by William C, Heine (1986). isbn 0859976459. Bath Firecrest. Out of Print.


Just In:

  • Bravo two Zero by Andy McNab Sergeant, SAS (1993). ISBN 0-440-21880-2. Dell Publishing. Available at www.amazon.com



  • Jericho Season 1 (2006). CBS. This is the best TV show to hit the air waves. Probably hit too close to home for those in power. Shows how a small town survives after a nuclear terror attack. 23 major cities are wiped out. If nothing else this show exposes the logistical challenges of survival at the community level. Season 2 shows the challenges of rebuilding after the “new” normal is restored. Unfortunately, this show was cancelled before season 3 was made.
  • Red Dawn (1984). This is the quintessential cold war resistance movie for young people at that time. This movie shows that running to the hills during an invasion may work to survive, however, you will have to learn to fight if you want your country back. Quick actions are the difference between surviving in the hills or being in the stockade.
  • 300 (2006). This movie is the ideal defence tactic movie. If you hold the right piece of ground, very few can withhold many. In this case it was a road through a gorge called Thermopylae - “The Hot Gates”. Given, the defenders did not win the battle, however, less than a thousand held off an army of over a hundred thousand. The will to fight, The proper training, the proper motivation, the proper weapons and the proper terrain and the balance of power shifts beyond just a numbers game. In battle you want a 3 to 1 ratio of your troops over the enemy, before you want to attack. You defend with whatever you have. Home field advantage.
  • Outlaw Josie Wales (1976). Again, we are watching the defence techniques. The final battle at the homestead. Not ideal terrain, but the house is defendable against the likely weapons of attack. Listen to the assessment of the defence made by Josie to his unlikely band of defenders. Each person is given a task. Everyone is briefed on the actions if hit and wounded –“...slap hot iron to any gunshot, it's the quickest way to stop the bleedin'...” Another heroic stand.


  • The Happening (2008). Once again, quick actions make the difference between surviving and being a statistic. This movie also shows how quickly you must be ready to evacuate. How the need for an evacuation plan and evacuation routes, as well as, alternate routes are also necessary. This also hi-lites the needs for contigency plans, for when things change enroute or events outside of your planning occur. The what if's and the now what's. Again I challenge your planning skills, what would you do in a similar situation?
  • The Andromeda Strain (2008). This movie illustrates the need for accurate and timely information. The more you know the better you can plan.
  • Magnum PI – Season 4, Episode 1 (1983). This episode spotlights the “Will to Survive”. This a must watch survivor psychology episode. I can not guarantee that if you watch this episode you will live, but I can easily guarantee that if you “give up” when you are trying to survive you will die.
  • The Road (2009). Read the book. If you don't have the time to read the book watch the movie. The will to survive and choices we make, are on the menu today.
  • The Day After (1983). What would happen in a nuclear attack? Another cold war thriller. Tensions were high and nuclear war was a possibility. This movie's job was to scare the crap out of you, make you decide any choice other than nuclear war is better than the hell of living through one. Like, Jericho, more than twenty years later this is also set in little town Kansas, USA. Obviously, the concensus is, if you have to survive, be in a small town and you might just make it. Live in the metropolis's and you are betting against survival – unless you can get out.
  • The Book of Eli (2010). What happens when you survive the end of the world and thirty years go by before you finish your mission? This movie gives new meaning to long-term survival. May change your planning on what would be worthwhile to cache. Well worth watching.


  • Mad Max/The Road warrior – Mad Max 2/Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome (1979/1981/1985). How bad could it get? Watch the Mad Max versions of the apocalyptic future and you get the idea. The worst of animal man will be released, unchecked by law and order. The movie trilogy sort of ends in the hope of the children starting over.
  • The Stand (1994). Based on Stephen King's novel of the same title. After a man-made plague reeks havoc on the world the story follows two groups of survivors – good vs. Evil. A living metaphor for: God vs the devil. There are group dynamics worth paying attention to. The behaviours of the survivors, is common during normal times but get magnified during the stress of surviving.

As with books or magazines (fact or fiction), movies and TV shows; allow us to safely explore the unthinkable. If you watch or read with the mind set of learning what could happen and what you could do about it – then they are not merely entertainment. Use every opportunity you are given to learn something new about surviving. Attitude and the will to survive, needs to be nutrured by information. Failing to provide that, and like an unexercised mind, it will wither and eventually die.

Other Resources:

Your Local Library

Your Local College/Trade School/University

Your Local Boy Scout Troop

Your Local Mormon Church

Your Local Government Office – Emergency Preparedness

Your Local Rod & Gun Club

That's it for now.


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