16 May 2012

Coleman Combat Cooler Update

After 1st Coat of Paint
The waiting is over. I have now added a second coat of paint. Due to my concern with the Ultra-Flat Krylon Khaki paint rubbing off, for this second coat I decided to switch to Krylon Fusion For Plastic Paint in Satin Khaki. Since I was painting a complete second coat I was not even remotely concerned about matching the paint colour. The new colour is a more tan and less mud-like in colour. Works for me.

The new paint has only been on for 24 hours, so I will not really be able to comment on durability at this time. I will try to use it as a normal cooler and post updates from time-to-time. 
After 2nd Coat of Paint

Before the Paint
Worse-case scenario, I will have to do annual paint touch-ups. We do annual maintenance for our camp stoves, tents and sleeping bags. So, why not add painting coolers to the list.

I hope someone out there finds this helpful.

Alright, keep your food cool and your fire hot!


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